The Lab-on-a-Chip facility at the University of Hull is run by a multidisciplinary team of chemists, biologists and engineers.

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Dr Alex Iles

Dr Alex Iles is a Researcher at Stockholm University managing the Fabrication Facility for Lab on a Chip and supports microfluidic research projects across the University and beyond. He previously ran the University of Hull’s Fabrication Facility for Lab on a Chip. He has been working in the field of Lab on a Chip since 2001 and has a strong background in the design, fabrication and application of microfluidic devices.

Professor Nicole Pamme

Prof. Nicole Pamme holds a chair in Analytical Chemistry at Stockholm University in the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry and she is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Hull (UK) in the Department of Chemistry. Her research activities focus on Lab-on-a-Chip devices for pharmaceutical, clinical and environmental analysis, biomedical research with tissue-on-a-chip devices as well as process integration and material synthesis in collaboration with Chemistry, Engineering and Biomedical Sciences.

Professor Steve Archibald

Prof. Archibald is the Director of the PET Research Centre at the University of Hull, which has carried out extensive research in lab-on-a-chip/ microfluidic devices for radiosynthesis and quality control.

Professor John Greenman

John is a tumour immunologist at the University of Hull with extensive experience of developing lab on a chip technology for analysing tumour biopsies. The majority of his research work has focused on tumours of the head and neck region, identifying novel markers of progression or treatment response.