Lab-on-a-Chip Fabrication Facility

At Stockholm University, we have established a dedicated Lab-on-a-Chip Fabrication Facility for the production of microfluidic devices. We can offer design and fabrication services for microfluidic devices made from glass, rigid polymers and elastomers as well as paper. This service is available to researchers across the University and also external organisations.

Our team has extensive experience in microfluidic device fabrication and Lab-on-a-Chip technology including microreactor chips for reagent mixing and reaction, clinical diagnostics devices, developing organ-on-a-chip systems capable of maintaining and studying tissue models or biopsies as well as microsystems for dose-on-demand production and quality control of PET radiopharmaceuticals.

In our Fabrication Facility we have a range of equipment for the production of different types of devices. If you wish to collaborate or know more about our manufacture capabilities, please contact us.